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Status - Open and Shipping
Status - Open and Shipping

Dead Mans Hand 50ml E-Liquids


Part of our Mix & Match Multi Buy Offer                                       

4 Bottles for £20

A complex hand picked range of all the best flavours on the market. Dead Mans Hand has chosen to name all the flavours after top card games because names were not good enough for these flavours. The selection of flavours will please anyones requirements and breakdowns of the flavours have been listed to help below.

  • All Fours                - Four Forest Fruits
  • Bridge                    - Forest Fruit Pastels
  • Full House             - Rainbow Drops
  • Let It Ride              - Refresher
  • Oasis                      - Hizenberg GummyBear
  • Red Dog                 - Strawberry Blackcurrant Sherbert
  • Texas Hold Em      - Pastile Candy
  • Triple Shot             - Hi-Burg, Pomegranate & Raspberry


50/50 liquid 0mg suitable for all vaping. 60ml bottles containing approximately 50ml of E-Liquid so capable of taken 1x 10ml Nicotine Booster.

New Exclusive Brand !