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Status - Open and Shipping
Status - Open and Shipping

Aspire - K1 Tank


The unit itself is built from a stunning combination of shiny stainless steel and Pyrex glass and promises to be durable against everyday bumps and knocks. The level of juice is easily monitored through the elongated glass tubing – it is simply impossible to not notice when the liquid is running low. The Pyrex formation helps aid the internal heat conditions of the tank in a way that normal glass cannot do, and works hard on removing the more powerful of flavours from its surface, such as acidic e-liquids.

Holding a generous 1.5ml of liquid, the Aspire K1 Tank is built to last the average vaper a comfortable day’s worth of use. It features a fantastic stainless steel drip tip that looks spectacular. Airflow within the tank is also of a maximum quality, thanks to low cut inlet holes on the base of the unit. This concentrated form of airflow from the externals of the tank allow everything to be cooled neatly, and flavour and cloud formation is thus produced to a level that is difficult to achieve in competing tanks.

The Aspire K1 Tank stops at nothing to impress. It will compliment your battery unit perfectly, in terms of style and ease of use, and guarantees to be as durable and reliable as one could expect from such an acclaimed manufacturer.