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18650 Battery 3000 mAh 4.2v
  • 18650 Battery 3000 mAh 4.2v


18650 Battery 3000 mAh 4.2v

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The cell has a standard, ‘flat-top’ format and overall dimensions of 65mm x 18mm. A capacity of 3000mAh means that you can spend more time vaping and less time with your battery on charge

Please Read: 

The other common type of regulated mods comes with removable batteries, as found with most of the Sigelei and SMOK brands of mods. These are usually the long cylindrical 18650 batteries. This is more economical than using disposables, as when the battery lifespan comes to an end they can be replaced with new ones. Many of the below points apply to using mods with removable batteries, but there are other issues to be aware of.

Never exceed the amps of your battery. This is a fundamental rule of battery safety. Take the discharge rate (the amps) of your battery, then divide your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and make sure you never exceed your battery’s amp rating. We go into this in more detail in the section about Ohm’s Law below as this is a vital step in vaping safely with non-internal batteries.

Check how your mod charges. Some box mods offer pass-through charging, where you can use your device while simultaneously charging via USB. However, some mods use the mini USB port solely for hardware updates meaning the batteries must be removed and recharged using an external charger. Make sure you know how your mod works, or you could be in for a very long wait.

Use the correct batteries. It’s crucial to do some research and find out what are the recommended batteries for your specific mod. There are many types of batteries, including ICR, IMR and LiPo (Lithium Polymer), and we will be looking at this in more detail in a future article. Whatever you decide upon, you should never combine different types of battery in the same device.

Use a battery holder. Never carry these batteries loose in your pocket. If they touch each other or metallic items such as keys or coins, they can fail. In worst-case scenarios, they can leak or even explode.

Charge your batteries safely. Always charge them on the lowest setting to put the least stress on your batteries, and never leave them unattended. As soon as they are at full power remove them from the charger, otherwise,you risk battery failure.

Buy quality products. Again, don’t scrimp when it comes to something as serious as batteries. Be especially careful when it comes to eBay as many fake batteries are sold on there. Only purchase from an authorized dealer such as TC Vapours and stick to trusted brand names. When it comes to quality, Nitecore chargers come highly recommended.


Regulated mods

can come with batteries that are sealed into the device, such as the iStick series. These are usually lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries and can come in a variety of shapes. These are often called disposable, as once the internal battery reaches the end of its lifespan (approximately 1-2 years) they cannot be easily replaced.

Handle your mod with care. The protection of these LiPo batteries is little more than an aluminium foil case, meaning a knock can cause serious damage. If you drop your mod, place it in a sealed metal container immediately, in case the internal batteries vent, then take them to be recycled as soon as possible.

Don’t cut corners. Always purchase authentic items from authorised dealers, and never buy second-hand if you aren’t sure about the quality. That cheap mod might seem like a bargain but if it hasn’t gone through the proper tests it could prove to be a costly mistake.

Use the correct coils. Most mods have a limit to what kind of ohms coil they can use. Check the manual to see the range, and never go below this. This is especially important when it comes to sub-ohm vaping.

Store safely. Never leave your mod resting on a pillow or flammable material. For extra safety, it’s recommended to unscrew the tank from the mod if leaving it overnight. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, such as on a windowsill or car dashboard, as it could heat your device to a dangerous level.

Use the correct charging cable. If your device charges using a USB cable, make sure the power output matches your mod. If your charger has a higher voltage than your battery, you could overheat the battery or short the device. The best option is to use the cable you got with your product.

Don’t overcharge. Most well-made mods have a cut-off point where they stop charging when they reach full power. However, this function has been known to fail on rare occasions, leading to them set on fire. Only charge your device where you can keep watch on it, and never charge overnight.

Dispose of dead batteries safely. As with all kinds of batteries, once the batteries have reached the end of their natural life they should be put in a dedicated recycling bin. These can be found in most supermarkets.

Please know your battery safety before purchasing