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Grapely Anticipated (Grape)

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Emojuice - Grapely Anticicipated (Grape)

For most people, the flavour of juicy purple grapes brings back happy childhood memories. This thirst-quenching fruit satisfies the sweet tooth with intense sugary goodness. Even as adults, we can work our way through an entire bag of plump grapes in no time. Emojuice Grape vape juice is a yummy grape flavour that tastes just like a handful of delicious purple grapes.

  • Our Flavours can be easily used for cloud chasing, our mix of 70/30 (VG/PG) gives you the best of both worlds. For example, Emojuice can be used in Normal Atomisers (Ce4 / Ce5, Evod Etc) and also be used in Sub Ohm Atomisers.